Google’s given us one more treat before the end of 2018, and this time, it’s a new display campaign allowing advertisers to pay per conversion. Here’s how it works: Instead of charging businesses for ad clicks or impressions, Google has introduced new bidding options where advertisers are charged wh...

It’s natural to want to pursue all of the leads that contact your business. After all, we’re taught that every lead is an opportunity. While every lead might bring some sort of opportunity to your business, not all opportunities are created equal nor are they all worth your while. Instead, have you...

The Three Types of Leads You’ll See

Not all customers are the same, but all customers have traits that make them similar. As a salesperson, knowing these traits helps define how you approach potential buyers during consultations. We generally use a grading-scales to categorize leads. It helps us quickly identify a lead-type and know w...

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