An Integrated Sales Ecosystem for Lead Generation

They aren’t just lead generation software tools. We’ve built a software platform that integrates all of your online and offline marketing tools into one cohesive sales ecosystem.

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Track Your Leads, Online AND Offline

Whether your leads come from your industry-specific sales intelligence website or from traditional offline advertising, our lead tracking software compiles all of your leads in one, convenient location.

  • Phone call tracking software allows us to track your whether they originated from your site, your radio advertisements, or another marketing campaign and input them directly into your CRM.
  • TV ad tracking software flows all of your ads from television advertising into the same location as your other leads, so you can always determine an accurate ROI.
  • Event tracking software gives you the opportunity to track your lead generation outside of the office. If you host an event or attend an event, we have software in place that allows you to track all of the sales you close.
  • Live chat tracking software implements live chat onto your website and tracks every conversation that occurs with your live chat representatives.

Customer Relationship Management

Your call tracking CRM, radio CRM, and TV CRM are all one at Spectrum. Whether you need CRM software for small business or need a CRM that accommodates a large firm, we have industry-specific CRM software that all your leads flow directly into.

  • Segment your contacts
  • View your lead source
  • Add notes to a contact
  • Automatically sort initial contact

Integrate Our Software into Your CRM

What’s even better? We play nice with other CRMs. And don’t worry, we still track all of those leads from different locations and flow them into your preferred CRM.

Automatically Turn Your Leads into Sales

With our patented sales and marketing automation software you can automatically touch, retarget, and follow up with all of your existing contacts directly from your contact manager.

  • Automatically Respond to CTAs
  • Create Appointments
  • Design Email Marketing Templates
  • Assign Contacts to Your Sales Team
  • Request Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Report Your Progress, Grow Your Business

See which marketing campaigns contribute most heavily to your sales growth. With Spectrum’s Call-to-Action tracking tools you can flow your leads from each different marketing campaign directly into one contact list, and generate multiple reports on your sales performance. Here’s how:

  • Filter Your Reports
  • Report Different Metrics of Time
  • Map Out Your Progress
  • Export Your Reports
  • Compare Reports Side by Side

Manage Your Online Reputation

Receiving reviews and managing existing reviews is one of the best ways to generate new leads, but it’s not easy. With Spectrum, you will have access to reputation management software tools to change that.

  • Syndicated rewards program helps you request reviews for your site and your third party review profiles.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveying and Reporting allows you to send out surveys that will live on your site, adding credibility to your business and insights to improve future services.
  • Improve Your Search Engine Ranking and Visibility. Stand out from the crowd with your aggregate star rating right at your side in Google and other search engine results pages.

Use Your Software

We believe that you should only have to make one stop to complete your sales process. At Spectrum, we integrate all of your software tools into one, easy-to-use platform so you can do just that.

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