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Tens of Millions of Dollars in Remodeling Leads Generated by Spectrum

As North America’s #1 home services lead generation software and service company, our main goal is to grow your business, and that starts with the tens of millions of dollars in sales that our remodeling leads generate for our clients.

"We've watched our contacts and leads grow every month. We are probably up 4x from what we were last year."

Paul DespenasVice President of Sales, Midwest Construction

Remodeling Industry Expertise

After years of experience working with remodeling industry professionals, we have consistently doubled our remodeling industry client’s sales performance and continue to grow their businesses today.

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Spectrum’s Marketing Software & Services for Remodelers

We have taken our remodeling industry sales intelligence to create a lead generation ecosystem tailored to remodeler needs as well as their consumers’ needs.

Here’s what your ecosystem could look like:

It Starts by Dominating Online Search

Target quality buyer-ready leads on any device with our custom websites. Each custom website is powered by remodeling industry sales intelligence and has Call-to-Action proven to convert leads into quote requests and quote requests into sales.

Integrate Our Remodeling Lead Generation Software with Your Site

Our lead generation software tools integrate all of your online and offline marketing tools into one cohesive ecosystem. Whether you generate leads at a tradeshow or through PPC advertising, we track those leads, flow them into your remodeling industry CRM and provide you with sales automation tools that turn leads into in-home estimates.

Some of The Tools You’ll Have Available to You

"Spectrum did more than just help our business grow. It comprehensively transformed the way our company approaches lead acquisition and Internet marketing."

Andy DeranekHomeWerks
  • Remodeling Industry CRM

    with all of your remodeling lead contact information and activity logs.

  • Sales Automation Software

    to reach out to your remodeling leads and convert them into sales.

  • Tracking Tools

    to accurately report your offline and online marketing strategy.

  • Reporting Tools

    that give you an accurate depiction of which marketing campaign is generating the most remodeling leads for your business.

  • Reputation Management Software

    to reach out to your remodeling leads and convert them into sales.

  • Visual Quoter™

    a video chat quoting tool to expedite the quoting process.

We Don’t Stop with Software

We are the premier remodeling lead generation software AND service company. We have a team of experts in the remodeling industry dedicated to you.

  • Account Managers

    who understand your business objectives.

  • SEO Experts

    who know the most buyer-ready industry keywords.

  • Content Developers

    with extensive knowledge of all industry services.

  • Web Designers

    who know your brand and your product line brands.

  • Web Developers

    that build new lead generation software every day.

  • Data Analysts

    that translate numbers for you to make better business decisions.

Remodeling Lead Generation Results

We've spent years perfecting our remodeling industry expertise to grow your business. See how you can be generating sales, even in the dead of winter.

Courtney Horne

Inbound Phone Manager, WindowWorks

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Everything you need to capture, nurture, and covert your leads in one system.

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