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Develop Your Brand, Generate More Leads, and Boost Your Bottom-Line Sales

We help parent companies manage, educate and increase the success of their dealers. We generate sales for your individual dealers to grow your brand locally and to generate more overall sales for your business.

"Spectrum helped us market and appeal to the customers we were most interested in doing business with."

Robert ClaussPresident, Parvin-Clauss Sign Company

Unmatched Dealer Network Expertise

We work with thousands of different dealers to generate targeted, local leads for dealer networks. After working with dealer networks for over 10 years, we have become experts in brand development and sales generation.

Spectrum’s Marketing Software & Services for Dealers

We have taken our dealer network sales intelligence to create a lead generation ecosystem tailored to your particular dealers’ needs as well as their consumers’ needs. Here’s how:

It Starts by Dominating Online Search

Target quality buyer-ready leads on any device with our custom dealer network websites. Each custom site is powered by our industry and market expertise and includes a custom built local search engine that is specific to each of your dealers and his or her territory.

We Integrate Our Lead Generation Software with Your Site

Our patented and patent-pending lead generation software tools integrate all of our marketing software with your site, generating more sales for your business and better search visibility for your brand.

Some of The Tools You’ll Have Available to You

With multi-faceted email marketing capabilities, features like sales tracking and reporting, custom surveys, reviews management software and more, we help streamline your dealers’ sales processes to get better bottom-line results—guaranteed.

  • Industry CRM

    Easily track and update of all your contact information and activity logs.

  • Sales Automation Software

    Streamline your sales process with our easy-to-use tools.

  • Tracking Tools

    Know exactly how well your marketing and sales efforts are performing.

  • Reporting Tools

    Get accurate, up-to-date data about which of your campaigns is doing the most for your business.

  • Reputation Management Software

    Gather feedback and improve your online presence with comprehensive tools and features.

  • Visual Quoter™

    Expedite the quoting process with our interactive video chatting tool.

We Don’t Stop with Software

In addition to our sales automation software and internet marketing services, we also have a team of industry experts dedicated to helping your business grow.

  • Account Managers

    who understand your business objectives.

  • SEO Experts

    who know the most buyer-ready industry keywords.

  • Content Developers

    with extensive knowledge of all industry services.

  • Web Designers

    who know your brand and your product line brands.

  • Web Developers

    that build new lead generation software every day.

  • Data Analysts

    that translate numbers for you to make better business decisions.

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