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At Spectrum we’re all about growth – building the best software tools, leading our customers to new heights, and helping each other to advance our careers as a team. Are you ready to grow with us?

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Grow Into The Professional You Dream Of

Our imaginations are as wild as our team. At Spectrum we have fostered a fun and casual environment to let your imaginations run with us.

Why Grow With Us

We attribute our success to the contributions of our bright and talented staff so when you have a great idea, we want to hear it. Creativity and individualism are greatly encouraged and help make Spectrum the fun and exciting family that it is.

In a market dependent on evolving and growing, we want to make sure that our team members can explore all of their talents and gifts in order to do the work that truly excites them. Help us change the future through innovative digital marketing and software tool development, and we’ll help you grow into the professional you dream of becoming.

Bonding Beyond the Office

In a pre-pandemic world, we’re all about bonding beyond the office, and we make it easy to get to know your coworkers beyond the 9-5 gig. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to growing as a team and cultivating a group of friends who support you in and out of the office! When it’s safe to get together again, here are just a few things you can expect.

After Hours

Connecting with the team outside of the office makes coming into work that much better. Whether it’s happy hour, the big game’s on, or it’s just time for a little break from work, we enjoy spending time getting to know each other’s out-of-office personas!


We recognize and celebrate that everyone at Spectrum has passions and pursuits outside of the office, and we love when our employees share these interests with the rest of the team! From softball to movie night, suggest an activity, and we’ll try it out as a group!


Devoting our time to causes we care about both benefits the world and fosters a sense of community within our offices. Whether it’s bicycling to support cancer research or competing in clay shooting to raise money for leukemia, we team up for change.

The Happiness and Health Of Our Team is Of The Utmost Importance

Not only does your voice stand out at Spectrum, but it's taken care of as well. We offer an incredible benefits package to make sure that voice of yours is loud and healthy by covering 100% of your health insurance.

Benefits In and Out of The Office

We offer plenty of ways for you to live an enriched and comfortable life with Spectrum. Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our team members, so we provide them with a highly competitive salary and unmatched benefits. With all of Spectrum’s offerings, you will be sure to leave the office every day with a happy and healthy smile on your face.

Right now, we are 100% remote to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Looking towards the future, we are developing a hybrid model that includes flexibility around working remotely and meeting in person. Adaptability is our driving force; that’s why we’re developing workflows that bring out the best in all of us.

Our Office Culture

  • Casual dress code
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Team lunch of your and your teammates’ choice every Friday covered by Spectrum
  • A state-of-the-art office environment including:
    • Dining facilities
    • Outside patio and park
  • Wellness Package:
    • Massage therapy
    • Weekly snacks in our stocked kitchen
    • Health club membership reimbursement

Your Wellness

  • 100% coverage of Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Comprehensive medical and dental insurance for the employee
  • 100% coverage of Life Insurance
  • 100% coverage of Disability Insurance
  • Retirement planning and Company matching
  • Generous PTO including:
    • Vacation days
    • Sick days
    • Paid holidays
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Paid continuing education and training

Our Home Base

With a beautiful office space located in the heart of Chicago's Loop, we offer fabulous, fulfilling, and fun opportunities for those living all over the Chicagoland area.

Steps away from Chicago’s robust transportation network in the heart of the Loop, our Chicago office makes it easy to fit in a full-day’s work while still enjoying Chicago’s exciting restaurant, nightlife, and shopping scene.


You’ll feel pretty cool walking into the lovely UBS Tower every weekday. Located just blocks away from the Willis Tower, you’ll get a nice confidence boost just by soaking in your beautiful surroundings.


For some seriously amazing eats, our building’s cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch that’ll blow your taste buds away. Enjoy your gourmet food while looking out over Chicago’s stunning skyline, and head to the building’s fitness center after work to sweat it all off!


Enjoy snacks on snacks on snacks with our fully-stocked kitchen! With a community table for enjoying lunch with the whole team, you’ll immediately feel at home in our Chicago office.

With sunny skies and beaches for miles, our Boca Raton office gives you the chance to grow professionally while enjoying all the culture, nature, and opportunities that Florida has to offer.

Your home office is your Spectrum hub. Enjoy a workspace furnished to your needs and supplemented by a yearly office allowance. With video chat, peer learning opportunities, and dedicated team events, we emphasize togetherness no matter your location.


We’re constantly building new products and services, and we’re looking for people who are ready to make an impact every day. Here are some of the departments currently looking for great candidates.

Account Management

As our SEO digital marketing experts, account managers generate leads for our clients through a magical mixture of strategy, creativity, and organization.

Digital Marketing Paid Search Analyst Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Junior Digital Marketing Manager Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton

Content Specialist

Our creative content team specializes in developing our clients’ messages, company narrative, and values (as well as some carefully-crafted puns).

Content Marketing Specialist Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton

Web Design

A friendly user-interface starts with our team of detail-oriented designers telling a story through responsive design and creative branding.

Website Designer Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Senior Front End Developer Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Senior Designer Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton


Utilize your exceptional programming skills by building structurally sound products across different verticals to provide valuable solutions for our clients.

Junior Software Back End Developer Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Senior Software Developer Full Time Chicago, IL

Sales and Marketing

Growing Spectrum’s client-base starts with our tech-savvy team of clever sales and marketing specialists.

Business Development Rep- Hybrid Work Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton


Currently we have no positions available. Please check back soon.

Paid Search

Buddy up with Google, Yahoo, and Bing when you join our paid search team in analyzing and modifying our clients’ search engine strategies.

Paid Media/Pay Per Click Strategist- Hybrid or Remote Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Digital Marketing Analyst Full Time Chicago, IL

Project Management

Meet our new clients and introduce them to all things Spectrum, all while leading your own team of designers, content developers, and account managers.

Currently we have no positions available. Please check back soon.

Human Resources and Recruiting

Technical Recruiter Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton

Enterprise Client Management

SEO Marketing Strategist Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton
Digital Marketing Consultant Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton

Enterprise Client Onboarding

Digital Marketing Project Manager Full Time All Locations (Chicago, Boca Raton

PSAI Implementation

Currently we have no positions available. Please check back soon.

PSAI Customer Success

Currently we have no positions available. Please check back soon.