AdWords, Google’s online advertising service, is how Google makes its money -- $57.86 billion in 2013, to be exact. So if the annual revenue Google makes from AdWords can buy 57 Taj Mahals, why isn’t everyone who uses the service getting filthy rich, too? The fact of the matter is that Google makes...

Attic remodeling in Chicago Interior remodeling company in St. Louis Basement renovation company in New England In the SEO industry, the above phrases are known as “long-tail keywords” or LTKs. They are longer and more specific than their “short” counterparts, which are more frequently searched. How...

Google knows you better than you think. By constantly reinventing the algorithm that drives its search results, Google is doing one thing: becoming more intuitive. That’s right; Google is becoming better and better at discerning what people are searching for. In addition to organizing the Internet’s...

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