Google knows you better than you think.

By constantly reinventing the algorithm that drives its search results, Google is doing one thing: becoming more intuitive. That’s right; Google is becoming better and better at discerning what people are searching for.

In addition to organizing the Internet’s content, Google also sets out to deliver it to people as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. In the process, Google has cannibalized the concept of “rankings,” which are now utterly irrelevant.

Search engine rank is dead.

If you’re using Gmail or Google+, then your search history is being recorded. Google collects this data -- mounds of it – and uses it to create a specific profile for each individual user. Because each profile is different, the search results for that user are also unique.

In addition to basing your search results on previous searches, Google also factors in your gender, age and location as well as dozens of other specific nuances, like the time of day.

Therefore, given the variable nature of search results in 2014 (and the foreseeable future), your company’s Google ranking is no longer an effective metric for measuring the success of your SEO campaign. Those days are over...

Now there’s a new strategy that works...

It’s called content.

Content makes the world (wide web) go round and should be at the center of every company’s online lead generation strategy.

Capitalizing on the intuitiveness of Google means creating content that is geared towards a highly targeted audience. When you publish quality content (i.e., content that is tremendously helpful, educational and/or entertaining) on your website’s blog and landing pages, you’re inviting consumers to positively engage with your business.

Engagement leads to trust. Trust leads to sales. The trick is consistency.

Success boils down to one thing:

Cost per acquisition (i.e., how much did each click, lead, sale, etc. cost you)?

To answer that question, you must be able to track your prospects throughout the entire sales process. Calls, quotes, online chats and social engagement can all be tracked and used to better understand the value of your SEO efforts.

Each lead, of course, is different. Some consumers are ready to “buy now” while others need to be nurtured and coaxed over time. So what’s the easiest way to manage and, ultimately, convert your leads?

Software tools.

Spectrum creates innovative software tools that help businesses manage everything from content to incoming leads to existing customers.

Rankings are dead. Your position on a search engine results page is nothing more than a triviality because unique people -- not keywords -- now determine what pops up when you use Google.

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