Embracing the DIY Homeowner

How has the DIY mentality affected EHA in the conversations that you have  with customers? If my competitors or if the industry as a whole is zigging, then I need to zag. I can’t do what they’re doing. So, what do they do? They resist it. They want to justify it, they want to “build value”, a...

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Rather Read? Here's the Full Transcript: As busy season comes to a close, it’s important to make sure you and your team stay disciplined with your inbound leads. Up until this point, the home services industry has built itself upon the notion the more leads the better. That all leads are created e...

Know the Home, Close the Sale

What if you knew everything about a home before walking through the door? It’s truly the home that’s eligible for a sale, so your sales team should know as much about it as possible before walking into an appointment. Understanding a home inside and out starts with knowing key data points about that...

An effective sales strategy means understanding your current customer and what they need. Your sales reps must have the right energy to connect with a potential customer during a consultation. After all, sales in the home services industry is personal in nature, as you’re working to improve a custom...

To have an effective in-home consultation, you need to show your potential customers that you can make their vision a reality. You can tell them everything your company does, but having visual evidence will make your pitch much more compelling. Spectrum drives digital lead generation, but we recog...

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