An effective sales strategy means understanding your current customer and what they need. Your sales reps must have the right energy to connect with a potential customer during a consultation. After all, sales in the home services industry is personal in nature, as you’re working to improve a customer’s greatest asset: their home.

So how can you create more meaningful consultations that result in high-quality sales?

By completely understanding who your customer is before you step into the sales appointment.

Understanding your customer means knowing key data points about them and using that data to create a consumer profile analysis. Using things like home age, income, and financial history to your advantage will help your team create a long-term and effective sales strategy. It’s like painting a portrait of your potential customer—that portrait helps you clearly see who they are and how you should sell to them.

Here’s What a Consumer Profile Analysis Does for Your Business

  • Align the right salesperson to your customer. If you have an understanding of the type of person you’re selling to, you can make sure you’re sending the right salesperson who will connect with them and close the deal.
  • Tailor your sales pitch. A consumer profile analysis allows your reps to develop a customized sales pitch that speaks directly to your customer, giving your team an edge over the competition.
  • Close at a higher percentage. If you understand who your customer is and what they need for their home, you’re going to be closing more deals and netting more sales at a higher rate.

Sell to the Right Customer Every Time

You have access to a plethora of data that can help you understand what your current customer looks like. Using that data to create consumer profile analyses is the key to developing an effective sales strategy that speaks directly to your customers. It’s time to quit guessing with your marketing and start using data to sell to the right customer every time.

Download our consumer profile analysis to see how we can analyze your data and help your business make smarter marketing decisions.