How has the DIY mentality affected EHA in the conversations that you have  with customers?

If my competitors or if the industry as a whole is zigging, then I need to zag. I can’t do what they’re doing. So, what do they do? They resist it. They want to justify it, they want to “build value”, and they want to do all the things they can to show that something’s “not a good idea”. I’ll embrace it [DIY]. I’ll actually promote that.

EHA's Approach to DIY Homeowners

When I’m meeting with a homeowner, and with my team it’s the same thing, we’re going to identify things as a professional and with our training that you as a homeowner aren’t necessarily going to identify. That doesn’t mean we’re trying to sell you all that stuff. I may not even do air sealing, or I may not even do roof repair, but I’m going to show you how to do it – I’ll write directions down for you, I’ll even give you the YouTube links. I’d say, “Hey man, air sealing could really improve the quality of the air that you’re breathing right now with all the fires that are going on in Northern California. This is something that you can pay us to do, but it’s really not that hard. You seem pretty handy. We could put this on your Honey Do list and you can do it. If you have questions, call me. I’ll walk you through it step by step.” You’re not going to beat it, right? Good luck competing with YouTube. I do repairs around the house and what do I do? I YouTube it. We did a lift on my son’s Jeep. I’m not a mechanic. We YouTube’d it and we figured it out. It took us three days versus eight hours, but we got it, right? So just embrace it. Knowledge is power.

How EHA Builds Relationships through DIY

If you put the customer first, people above profits, and you just try and serve, I’m going to build a relationship. And that relationship is going to continue to blossom based off trust and knowing that I’m not trying to get into your wallet as much as I’m trying to help you out. If I’m always trying to truly help you out with the right intentions, a clear conscious is always the softest pillow, if I’m always doing the right thing at all times, then at that point, it’s going to come back. It will come back. And again, not everybody will be comfortable with prices, and if that’s the case, by all means we won’t do any repairs if you’re not comfortable with it. We’d be happy to let you do that on your own. Now, we also explain to them the in-depth process, the warranties on the equipment when you do work yourself without a licensed contractor, as well as the fact that we’re here, we have the part, we dispatched the truck, it costs fuel and insurance, so what do you think it’s worth? Let’s have that conversation. For this service, for us to back it and uphold the warranties, what do you think it’s worth? Let’s start there. Maybe they think a $30 discount is more than fair. Okay, let’s talk about that. It’s about having an intelligent conversation with people. 

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