Google is changing the way that home improvement businesses establish trust. Their new lead generation program, Local Services by Google (formerly Google Home Services), features select contractors at the top of search results with a little green “Google guaranteed” checkmark. This badge promises co...

When it comes to finding business marketing success online, few things will get you as far as trust. To dominate industry-specific keywords and become an ostensibly visible company on the Internet, everything you do must emanate trust. Not only is it the cornerstone of healthy human relationships, i...

“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.” – Google Far too many webmasters make pages and sites which do not actually work well for humans. That is bad search engine optimization (SEO) and will cost your company sales. Here are some SEO mistakes you might be making and how you can fi...

Google Puts a Freeze on Web SPAM

Local search is changing the way consumers find and purchase products. Google is an ever evolving animal with the most recent change being Google’s algorithm adjustment referred to as the Penguin Update (Previously known as the Webspam Update).  This update is Google's way of cracking down on s...

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