Local search is changing the way consumers find and purchase products. Google is an ever evolving animal with the most recent change being Google’s algorithm adjustment referred to as the Penguin Update (Previously known as the Webspam Update).  This update is Google's way of cracking down on search engine manipulation to maintain a quality web experience for users - cleaning up the spam in other words.  Google's quality guidelines explain what features are needed to create a good website from the viewpoint of their engineers. The SEO engineers at Spectrum make sure to follow these quality guidelines to prevent the Penguin update from affecting your website. We stick to these ethical SEO best practices:

  • Make your site's webpages for your readers, not just for search engine optimization.  Quality content is crucial when creating and maintaining a solid web presence, and is even more important when trying to gain good SERP(search engine results page) real estate.
  • Don't use black hat SEO techniques because they are used to get higher SERP rankings in an unethical manner.
  • Avoid link building shortcuts. Do not participate in paid link building or link building exchange schemes to increase your website's page rank.

With the Penguin Update, penalties will be given to those website's practicing unethical SEO techniques, and in the case of Google's 2011 Panda Update - praise for good techniques. Quality content is a fundamental rule when it comes to creating a web presence.

With these rapid changes, parent companies have more difficulty keeping track of their vast network of dealers/members to see if their network is keeping up with local search and ethical SEO techniques.   Would you like to learn more about Google algorithm changes?  Tips on how to produce great websites with quality content and white hat SEO techniques?  Connect with us!

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