You may have heard that Google has been rolling out a lead generation program called “Local Services” for home services business like plumbers and electricians—but now they’re expanding the program to moving businesses! This is a big deal for movers because it will affect how you appear in search, how you generate leads, AND how your competition stacks up against you.

Here’s a breakdown of the basics of the program and our firsthand insight directly from Google. Trust us, you’ll want to be in the know—Local Services offers plenty of advantages you’ll want to jump on before your competition does!

Basics You Need to Know About Local Services

WHAT IS IT? Local Services is a paid for lead generation program by Google. Unlike other Google ads, Local Services is exclusive, meaning you can’t just pay and start advertising. You have to meet Google’s requirements!

BIGGEST ADVANTAGES: 1) Your Business appears above everyone else’s in search engine results and 2) You get the “Google Guaranteed” badge. Here’s what that looks like for plumbers (who the program originally launched with):

WHAT’S A GOOGLE GUARANTEED BADGE? The Google Guaranteed badge is a little green checkmark next to your business’s search result that tells potential customers your company is trustworthy. Google backs their badge with a guarantee to compensate customers for up to $2,000 if the work delivered is unsatisfactory. With this moneyback promise and Google’s firmly established reputation, the badge offers a strong incentive for consumers to choose movers who have earned the powerful green check of approval.

DOES LOCAL SERVICES REPLACE ADWORDS? Nope! Local Services is its own type of advertising built into a platform where you can communicate with leads and schedule jobs. Here are the other primary differences:

  • Cost per lead vs. cost per click: AdWords ads are cost per click, meaning any time someone clicks on your ad, you pay. Local Services ads are cost per lead, meaning you only pay when someone actually contacts your business.
  • Exclusivity: You have to be accepted into the program, whereas anyone can advertise on AdWords!

Local Service ads aren't meant to replace your AdWords ads. They supplement them and make your business’s ad strategy even stronger!

First to Know- Our Google Partner Insight!

As a Google Premier Partner, Spectrum gets first-to-know insight on Google’s programs. Here’s the scoop on what movers should be in store for.

WHEN IS IT ROLLING OUT? Google expects to start rolling it out sometime this summer in select areas, so be on the lookout for more news within the coming months!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The program cost will vary per region based on a number of factors including population, demand, and more. You'll pay per lead, but we've heard word that there may be a minimum buy-in per week. For example, if you want to participate in Local Services, you'd need to buy at least 20 leads per week. No exact numbers have been set yet, but we’ll update movers soon!

How Can Movers Get Started with Local Services?

Because it’s just being rolled out to movers, you have to be invited to the program—but because Spectrum is a Google Premier Partner, we get first knowledge of when the program expands to new markets, and we can help with the enrollment process!

When you enroll, Google will run a background, license, and insurance check to make sure your business can live up to the Google Guaranteed badge. For other industries, every single employee must undergo the background check, but we think movers might have it easier. From our discussions with Google, it seems like background checks will be at the business level! This is awesome news for movers with a large team.

Want first access to Local Services for movers? Request a demo to hear how Spectrum can help!