In the home improvement industry, your company’s growth follows a set path. From the struggle of being a one-man-show through the ultimate goal of selling your business or passing it on, you can count on passing the same 4 stages on your way. The Rockefeller Habits refers to the transitions bet...

It’s the 21 century, and the remodeling industry changed – We’re living in the future. You have a TV, a calculator, and a telephone sitting in your pocket, all at the same time! Here’s a trip down memory lane, looking at the strategies that used to build remodeling empires, but now have been cast of...

Moving can be a brutally competitive business. With the amount of tiny companies charging next-to-nothing for their moves, you can really feel the pressure on pricing. One way to secure your company against price competition is to offer add-on services that your customer simply cannot resist. Here a...

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