The end of the year is the perfect time to take stock in your completed projects. After all, your team has been hard at work collaborating with homeowners and using their skills to create meaningful change for customers.

Sometimes it can feel as if rounding up your past projects is at the bottom of your to-do list. The end of the year is busy enough with the holidays, team members on vacation, and the normal tasks you have to complete to keep your business running. However, even taking just ten minutes to write down the top five jobs that stick out to you is a great place to start. Your past work is valuable to your business, and not just from the revenue it generated. Let’s talk about why taking the time to highlight your jobs is important.

Importance of Highlighting Past Projects

Displaying your past work provides your business with so many benefits, from marketing to customer relationships and beyond. Let’s talk through some of the reasons why you should feature your past projects:

  • Engage Website Visitors: Showing off your work is a great way to invite new customers to browse your website. Just like a window storefront can get people through the door, a beautiful addition to a home can prompt customers to click on your site to see more.
  • Add Credibility: Back up your skills with the pictures and videos to prove it! Plus, showcasing your projects gives your sales team another tool during in-home appointments. Many contractors have enjoyed higher closing rates thanks to their past work.
  • Personalize Your Content: A great way to set yourself apart from the competition is by showing the type of work you do! Use your past projects to personalize your website, your social media, and other advertising channels.
  • Feature Local Offers: What do neighbors have in common with one another? Their homes! Use your past jobs to reach new customers with localized targeting. Help customers get inspired by your work and then draw them in with a location-specific offer.

How Spectrum Helps You Do It

Spectrum is your resource to help you highlight your work and use your projects to generate more jobs. That’s why we’ve built features within your suite to help you make the most out of the work you do.

  • Past Projects: The Past Projects tools allows you to upload your past work and display it directly on your website. With project view and map view, curious homeowners can look through photos and see the details about your job and where it was done. You can also feature this directly on your website’s top navigation so it’s easily accessible to visitors.
  • Reputation Management: Past Projects goes hand in hand with your Reputation Management—that’s why we have an entire engine dedicated to it! You can request reviews and send customer surveys directly from your platform. Use this in concert with your past projects to stay connected to customers after the job is complete.
  • Paid Media: The Spectrum team can take your past projects to the next level with referral marketing. Use before and after photos, positive reviews, and customer testimonials in paid media campaigns to reach new audiences and see conversions.

Start Showcasing Your Work With with Spectrum

Wrap up 2022 by taking inventory of the jobs you’ve completed and showcasing your work. If you’d like to learn more about how Spectrum can help you turn your last job into your next with Past Projects, talk to your account management team today.