There are billions of active users on social media platforms and the internet as a whole. How can you cut through the noise and reach potential customers with impactful ads? It may seem counter-intuitive, but in order to expand your audience, you should narrow your focus to the consumers who make sense for your business. Let’s discuss what that means and how you can improve your marketing results!

Defining Your Audience

Narrowing your focus doesn’t mean you don’t have high expectations for your marketing. Instead it’s about honing in on your ideal audience. It’s important to understand your audience base so you can set informed goals for your team. To define your audience, ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the age range of my typical customer?
  • Where do my typical customers live?
  • What is the average budget for my sold jobs?
  • What are my most popular products?

Once you understand the foundation of your past sales, you can use that information to design ad campaigns that support those insights. You can also use your sales insights to take your marketing in a new direction. If you know that you have success in siding replacement, perhaps you can expand your exterior remodeling business by pushing roofing campaigns. Or perhaps you do particularly well in a specific neighborhood, you can use that information to launch brand awareness campaigns in similar neighborhoods to expand your reach.

Getting Results with Spectrum

Spectrum has the tools and expertise to take your digital marketing to the next level. With decades of home services industry experience, we have an intimate understanding of what it takes to create and manage successful marketing campaigns. In addition, our A.I. Lead Generation engine, PSAI, is equipped with tools drive results for your paid media initiatives:

  • A.I. Custom Audiences: Power your marketing with precise homeowner targeting. A.I. Custom Audiences narrows your audience to focus on not only the homeowner, but the home itself. Using only the data that matters to you, we can optimize your audience to launch targeted campaigns that yield results.
  • Targeting by PMI: PSAI generates a Predictive Portrait™ for every lead that enters your system, providing you with customer insights like homeowner interests, property data, and storm history. Each portrait is equipped with a Predictive Match Index™, an index from 1-5 that indicates how likely a lead will result in net revenue for your business. By understanding the quality of your leads, we can go after the customers who make sense for your business.
  • Paid Media Management: Our full-service paid media team will design an advertising plan customized to your goals. By combining tools like custom audiences with a team of digital advertising experts, you can grow your reach, expand into new markets, and generate quality leads for your business.

Power Your Marketing with Precision

Understanding your customer is the foundation for a strong lead generation strategy. With Spectrum’s suite of tools and marketing experts, you can generate new business while eliminating inefficiencies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use precise targeting to drive quality traffic, reach out to your Spectrum Account Management team today.