As digital becomes more robust with advertising opportunities, it is more important than ever to track your inbound leads. Tracking your leads is not inherently complicated, but it requires constant vigilance in order for it to be effective for your business.

Lead tracking is not simply asking a customer how they heard about your business, instead, it is actively mapping out each and every step of a customer’s journey from the initial advertisement to the final sale. After all, even with the most successful marketing team, a customer will have interacted with your business somewhere between five and seven times before converting. That’s why it’s critical that your team can measure the performance of every marketing source. So, what can proper lead tracking bring your business?

Benefits of Tracking Your Leads

Develop More Effective Campaigns. Once you know how customers find your business, you’ll understand what ads resonate most with your customer base. You’ll be able to send the right message at the right time with campaigns that speak to your customers.

Manage Lead Flow Efficiently. If you have a grasp on where your leads are coming from and what you can expect from launching a marketing campaign, you’ll be able to better anticipate incoming leads and develop operating procedures around your campaigns.

Set More Appointments. When your team knows how to reach markets full of qualified customers, you’ll see more traffic to your site, more interest in your services, and more appointments in your funnel.

Track Your Leads with Spectrum

Properly tracking your leads creates opportunities for your team to grow your revenue. If you’d like to start seriously tackling your marketing strategy, request a free Consumer Data Analysis. As a Google Premier Partner, Spectrum delivers actionable insights to grow home services businesses in the digital space. We’ll analyze your performance and identify growth areas for your business.