Rather Read? Here’s the Transcript

What’s up everyone, welcome to Spectrum’s Marketing Minute. Today what we’re talking about is making sure that you’re truly tracking your offline advertising and how it effectively and cohesively works with everything you’re doing from a digital component.

It’s no longer enough to take large pools of money and dump it within those traditional sources: your television, your direct mail, your radio. What you need to be doing is making sure you’re investing in your website to properly take in that traffic, processing it, and turning it into actionable leads and actionable revenue at the end of every month. And no—putting a dropdown field within your quote form is not enough to identify where that traffic comes from.

What we need to be doing is taking advantage of things like phone call tracking and unique landing page builders so that we can evaluate each of these advertising verticals as they stand by themselves, and how they work hand in hand with all of your other marketing efforts.

So let’s say you’re a local HVAC technician or a local plumber, and you’re spending north of $100,000 a month on TV advertising, probably mixing in a little bit of direct mail and maybe some outbound calling. If all of that traffic is being lumped into your true organic digital traffic, you’ve got a problem.

So what you need to do is take a step back, evaluate your site, and if you can’t tell me what traffic source is most profitable for you, and which of your traffic sources are working hand in hand to deliver the most effective results, then you need to ask for help.

That’s gonna do it for this week’s Spectrum Marketing Minute. Be sure to check out the abundance of other resources that we have available to make you a better home services marketer.