Contractors, remodelers, movers, and anyone in the home services industry knows that certain times of year bring an influx of leads. As summer approaches, you need to make sure you have the team in place to meet the increased work. Instead of hiring at the last minute, take the time now to recruit a team you can train up in time for the season!

That can be easier said than done—recruiting for home service companies is tough! That’s why we’ve compiled our top three recruiting articles in one place. Check them out below!

Recruiting: What Works for Our Home Service Partners

Tired of recruiting but not finding the right candidates? Just copy our partners’ strategies found in this simple guide: 

5 Home Service Recruiting Strategies You Should Steal

It takes you through the specifics of how our clients found the right people to grow their business.

3 Common Mistakes Made on Home Service Job Descriptions

After reading over a hundred home service job descriptions, we got a good handle on why many of these descriptions aren’t bringing in the right candidates. See the common mistakes companies like yours are making and then download our free job description template:

Your Home Service Job Description Guide and Template

Where You Should Be Posting Your Home Service Job Positions

Deciding where to post your job positions can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, which are most effective for home service businesses? We tell you where you should be posting your open positions in this handy downloadable guide:

Which Job Sites Work Best for Home Service Companies?

Rocking the busy season also starts with having a solid handle on your leads. See how Spectrum can help you grow your business with lead generating and tracking software and services