A lot goes into hiring someone. From sifting through applications to conducting multiple interviews, it can be quite the process. But today, we’re taking it back to the basics—the job description.

Nowadays, much of any company’s recruiting process is done digitally via job posting sites like Indeed or Glassdoor. Candidates filter through multiple open positions and click into something that catches their interest. This means that the job description is probably the first exposure a person has to your company—so it’s important to get it right.

We know that recruiting is a challenge for many home service businesses, so we decided to take a deeper look into what a typical home service job description looks like. After reading through over a hundred descriptions, we saw some common mistakes. Check them out and then download our Job Description Guide and Template to get a better handle on your job postings.

1. Too Short 

When your description has next-to-no details, your company loses credibility. You want to look well-established, and having a full description will help with that.

2. Weird Formatting 

A good job description isn’t just about the information you put in there. It’s also about how you format that information. If you place it all in one paragraph chunk or put everything in caps, you’re going to deter candidates.

3. No Benefits

Your business markets its product and service benefits. So why aren’t you marketing to potential employees? Including benefits in the job description is the perfect way to showcase what your company has to offer.

Need help coming up with what benefits to write about? Download our job description template for a full list!