We recently put together your home show prep checklist to make sure your business was ready for home show season. But now home show season is in full gear, and we want to help you close more of those leads!

You’ve devoted your whole weekend, your money, and your employees’ time to the show. Now you have to actually get something out of it with a solid follow up plan. We’ve detailed this out in our handy downloadable guide (found below!). But before you jump in, we wanted to talk about how you can make your home show lead qualifications easier.

When we speak to our home service clients about issues they have at home shows, many of them tell us that home shows are great for quantity of leads—not always for quality. This means they need to have a plan for how to qualify leads ASAP so that they can devote resources to the best of the bunch.

Ideally, this qualification process would start right at the show—and it can with Spectrum’s Lead Scoring tool! Simply by entering your lead’s address and email or phone number, our tool will generate an entire profile for that lead within a minute. The profile includes:

  • Lead Quality Score: A score from 1-5, indicating the consumer’s readiness to buy
  • Property information: Home value estimates, amenities, year built, and more
  • Consumer demographic info: Marital status, investment habits, language preference, and more
  • Financing recommendations: Predicted credit risk and ability to procure financing

The Lead Scoring tool integrates right in with your CRM allowing you to have all your lead and customer info in one place! Using it at the home show lets you tailor your sales pitch to the consumer and better educate them on their options.

No matter if you use lead scoring or not, closing more home show leads comes down to executing your follow up plan. Download our guide below to get the step-by-step rundown on how you can keep your company at the front of consumers’ minds even after the show!