Get ready—it’s home show season! We are sure you’re gearing up to attend many events. Which is why we put together a handy preparation checklist to make sure no details slip through the cracks (download it below!).

But first we want to address a major issue we’ve been seeing at home shows—outdated lead collection. Chances are, you’re guilty of this. Many home service companies still use pen and paper forms to collect information from home show leads. But this system is inefficient and leaves room for a lot of error. Here’s why you need to switch to digital form collection:

1. The Paper Shuffle

Paper can easily get lost during home show chaos, causing you to lose leads that would have been simple sells.

2. Messy Handwriting

Some people’s handwriting can be difficult to read, making it more likely that you enter incorrect information in your CRM.

3. Time-Wasting Data Entry

Data entry is both a time and money waster. With a digital form, you don’t have to enter anything after the show. The information is already there!

4. Better Lead Engagement

Digital forms can set up automatic triggers like follow-up emails or texts to keep your business at the front of leads’ minds even after they leave your booth.

5. Quicker Follow Up

When information is digitally collected and automatically pushed through to your CRM, you can have your phone team follow up almost instantaneously!

Setting Up a Digital Lead Form

Not all digital lead forms are created equally. You want one that flows in with all of your other contacts, making it easy to track which leads came from the home show and which came from other lead sources.

Spectrum’s In-Person Lead Forms allow you to flow your leads into one place, tracking which home show and which sales rep collected the lead. It also lets you personalize the type of information you collect, making it easy to create custom forms that match your business’s needs.

Request a demo to hear more about how our tools can help you at your next home show, and download our home show prep checklist to make sure you get the most out of home show season!