As a home service business, bringing in leads is a standard concern. But lead volume won’t matter if your lead quality isn’t up to par. In fact, in our 2017 Home Services Industry Survey, we discovered that lead quality was even more of a concern for home service businesses than lead generation was. 46% of respondents put lead quality as one of their main challenges, whereas only 26% of respondents said lead generation.

This begs the question—why aren’t remodelers, contractors, movers, and other home service experts getting the type of leads they want?

The answer to this is both simple and complex. In its simplest form, businesses aren’t getting the leads they want because they aren’t targeting the right people. The complexity comes in with how you actually execute a targeted marketing strategy.

We asked our team of digital marketing experts to dish on how they boost our partners’ lead quality. They came up with three easy ways your business can start seeing better quality leads on AdWords. Download the infographic below for the full insight!