What sets your local search listing apart from the rest of the stack? If you don’t have the answer or if you don’t rank at all in local search, Google 360 is a game changer.

Consumers are constantly looking to see what sets your business apart. With so much information online, they're no longer simply looking for an address and a phone number. Rather, consumers want to be able to connect with your business on a personal level – and they want to do it online.

Google 360 is a virtual reality photo walk-through technology that gives your prospects a truly personal – and lasting – first impression of your business from any device. This fresh, exciting way to view your business from the Internet allows you to stay one step ahead of your local competitors.

So what is Google 360? 

In addition to the basic street view Google Maps provides, Google 360 users can stop at your storefront and virtually enter your store . Consumers are then able to browse your company's interior, as well as your information and reviews, keeping consumers engaged longer. Google 360 provides potential customers with extra insight about your physical location – serving as a new way to interact with local businesses.

Improves Local Search Results

Having a noticeable presence in local search is crucial – especially for storefronts.  Wouldn’t you be more inclined to click on the page with a full interior view rather than the page with a single picture?

Allowing customers the ability to take a virtual walk-through of your store generates better traffic and, in turn, a better local search ranking, which results in better leads. Your potential customers are compelled by the personal connection they have now made with your business.

Showcases Your Company's Individuality

What does your place of business say about your company? Is it warm and inviting? Does it neatly and prominently display your products? This is exactly what consumers will see when they utilize this tool to view your showroom.

First impressions are very important, and most first impressions of businesses are now made online. This innovative tool is not only useful for product-based businesses, as it allows any business to  show, not tell, who they are and what they can offer consumers. Get started with Google 360 to explain to consumers who you are and what you do. This will give you a leg up against your competitors. 

Additional Benefits of Google 360

Taking advantage of this unique tool also automatically upgrades your basic Google maps profile to a Google+ local page. Not only does this let you skips the initial verification steps, but it also automatically boosts the relevancy of your website by  being active in social media, interacting with more consumers and providing more business photos.

In addition to automatically upgraded your account, the Google 360 view of your physical business location will be available on three important Google products:  Google search results, your Google+ Local page, and Google local search. For further exposure, it can be embedded on your website as well as all of your social media pages, allowing your customers to view the tour of your store from any online location.

Google 360 showcases your business with engaging visual content that will increase your exposure and enhance your Google+ Local listing. Get involved with this huge innovation and cutting edge technology to capture your target audience and generate leads.

Want to see what Google 360 looks like? Email Eddies@SpectrumInc.com and request a demonstration!