Introducing PSAI's innovative tool, the Roofing Calculator, designed to transform how contractors engage with website visitors and convert them into quality leads. This groundbreaking software empowers contractors to provide instant estimates, revolutionizing the customer experience and streamlining the lead generation process.

Time-Saving Convenience:

Boost your leads and conversions by prequalifying them with our Roofing Calculator. Busy homeowners seek efficiency and transparency in contractor selection. Our calculator delivers instant estimates, tailored to your home's specifics, including price and financing options. Receive your estimate via text, with the option to further discuss in our PSAI Communication Portal.

Pricing with Precision:

With the Roofing Calculator, you have the option to incorporate your own price per square. This feature guarantees accurate estimates tailored to the exact dimensions of the roof, aiding in the identification of valuable opportunities while preventing the risk of underestimating or overestimating project expenses.

Professional and Trusting:

Utilizing cutting-edge technology instills trust in website visitors, showcasing your commitment to accuracy and transparency. By offering instant and accurate estimates, you position yourself as a professional contractor dedicated to meeting your clients' needs.

Feed Your Sales Funnel with Quality Opportunities:

The filtering process of our Roofing Calculator helps identify quality leads, ensuring your efforts are focused on projects that are more likely to succeed. Capture leads directly from your website and streamline your marketing efforts.

Transform Your Roofing Website:

By offering instant estimates, our Roofing Calculator converts more website visitors into qualified leads. Increase your website conversion rate, qualify leads efficiently, and retain potential customers who might otherwise shop competitors.

Do More with PSAI:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your roofing business. Install our Roofing Calculator on your website today and start reaping the benefits of efficient lead generation and improved customer engagement. Get in touch with your Spectrum Account Management team now to explore how you can utilize the Roof Calculator to transform more website visitors into high-quality leads.