Our team is thrilled to announce the arrival of the industry’s first A.I. Finance Engine. In today’s competitive landscape, financing provides contractors with more conversion opportunities for homeowners looking to invest in projects.

Grow Your Opportunities with A.I. Finance

We took a customer-centric approach when designing the A.I. Finance Engine. As demand for home improvement increases and as prices for materials rise, financing allows homeowners more flexibility to say yes to renovations. With a consistent point of entry into projects, contractors can broaden their base of customers, up their conversion rate, and increase their average job size. In fact, we’ve found that financing increases the average ticket size by 18%!

To power our solutions, we have partnered with Sunlight Financial, a leader in the financing industry. With comprehensive offers backed by Sunlight, your team can provide homeowners with trusted financing packages. A.I. Finance is available to contractors for just $99/month, giving you access to tools including:

  • Finance Widget: Our drop-on widget engages customers with financing solutions and allows them to access instant pre-qualifications. The Finance Widget can be placed on any page of your website, engaging customers with enticing financing offers before they have time to shop around.
  • Finance Exit Intent: As a complement to the widget, Exit Intent is a drop-on feature that identifies site visitors intending to leave your site and serves them with compelling finance offers. Customers can convert to learn more and access the offer, providing you with instant lead capture. Exit Intent is a way to decrease your bounce rate and re-engage last-chance users!
  • Instant Pre-Qualification: Unlike other services, there’s no waiting for financing with A.I. Finance. Within seconds, your customers can understand what type of budget they qualify for, getting homeowners excited about the possibilities while allowing your team to start the sales process right away.
  • Customer & Home Insights: Every lead converted with your A.I. Finance Engine is equipped with a Predictive Portrait™. Powered by A.I. and machine learning, Predictive Portraits™ provide customer and home insights like property details, home materials, storm damage, homeowner interests, and more. Portraits allow you to better understand your customers, prepare product recommendations, and close more deals thanks to a better customer experience.
  • Text Messaging: Connect with customers on their terms via text to answer questions, set appointments, and provide additional financing information. Customers increasingly prefer text to communicate with businesses, and businesses enjoy getting answers fast. All communication automatically integrates with your A.I. Finance Engine for easy reference at any point throughout a project.

Increase Your Sales Potential with A.I. Finance

Successful contractors are expanding their revenue streams with A.I. Finance powered by PSAI. With A.I. Financing, you’re providing your customers with new engagement opportunities and your team with more ways to sell. Book more demos, increase your average job size, and broaden your customer base with the all-inclusive financing engine.

Contractors can sign up for A.I. Financing today and cancel at any time. If you’re interested in growing your opportunities with finance, get started today.