Since its inception earlier this year, Local Services by Google has opened new digital avenues for home services businesses looking to supplement their lead generation. Now, Google has expanded their service areas for roofers to include more regions.

A Quick Recap of Local Services by Google

Local Services is an exclusive, pay per lead generation program by Google. It allows companies to advertise their services on Google and receive and engage with leads directly through their Local Services dashboard. It has changed the game for paid advertising, because it affects how companies appear in search, how they generate leads, and how they perform next to their competition.

What Value Does It Bring to Your Business?

Local Services by Google has grown over the last year, and its expansion into new markets is only proof of its success. Here’s why Local Services is beneficial for roofing businesses:

  • Exclusivity: All participating businesses must meet Google’s qualifications to join the program and earn the “Google Guaranteed” badge, Google’s promise to compensate customers up to $2,000 if work is unsatisfactory. Having Google’s approval means your company has been vetted and meets their high standards—something that can set you apart from your competitors.
  • Pay Per Lead Pricing: Local Services differs from Google Adwords in that Local Services is a cost per lead program, meaning you only pay when a user actually contacts your business. Other programs like Google Adwords charge you for every click by a user, even if it doesn’t result in a lead.
  • Competitive Advertising: Local Services gives your company prime real estate for your advertisements. You’ll own the top ad spot in the search engine results pages, so users will see your ad first. 

Where are the New Service Areas? 

Get Started with Local Services

If you’re interested in launching Local Services by Google for your business and need help getting started, contact Spectrum today. As a Google Premier Partner, our team can show you how Local Services can fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.