When it comes to home shows, it’s a buyer’s market. There are hundreds of companies with products and services just like yours, all vying for attention. So, how do you ensure potential customers are choosing your business? We’ve outlined our four-step process so you can connect with attendees the right way.

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Set Your Starter. At a home show, it’s not about pushing your products, but rather starting a conversation with attendees. As an attendee approaches your booth, ask them a question that’s personal to them, and gets the home-improvement ball rolling. A question like, “If you were to win a home project right now, what’s the first area you would tackle?” typically garners a high response rate because you’re not bombarding an attendee with information, but rather creating an opportunity to learn about them and discuss your services.

Identify Their Need. What project are they thinking about? It is simply a new bathtub, or is their whole space in need of an update? If they want to improve function, how does their current space create inefficiency? Find out what they need, so you can weave your products into the conversation.

Discuss Their Pain Point. Why haven’t they done that project yet? Is it from the lack of options, or because they’re not sure what it would cost? Indicate that you understand why it hasn’t happened yet. Remember, most of the attendees have heard a barrage of pitches and hard sells throughout the day. Discussing something personal will be refreshing to them, while providing you with valuable information about what’s bothering them and how you can fix it.

Provide a Solution. You know their pain point, now alleviate it. This is the time to show what you do. If you have a wide range of products, flaunt them. If you offer a free estimate, let them know that your professionals provide a custom consultation to determine the price. Take every piece of information you learned from them to establish a connection between their problem and your solution.

Prepare for Your Home Show the Right Way

You know how to engage with attendees, but what do you need to do before you start selling? Download our guide, “4 Steps to a Successful Home Show” to learn what you need to do before you talk with attendees.