Promotions are an effective way to generate interest in your business, but if they aren’t done right, they can have a negative effect on your ability to generate leads. We’ve covered effective promotion types in a past post, but now we’re taking you through some common issues we see in home service business promotions. Here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid when setting up an offer.

Want to see some specific examples of good and bad promotions? Download Our “Visual Guide to Promotions in the Home Services Industry” below.
  1. Ineffective Word Choice. When designing a promotion, word choice matters. For instance, it’s better to structure a promotion like “Save $100 when you buy a window” as opposed to “$100 off windows”. Structuring promotions around savings makes it seem like consumers are getting a special deal as opposed to you just advertising that you’ve lowered your prices.
  2. Not Conveying a Sense of Urgency. Centering ads around an expiration date motivates customers to act soon in order to get the deal. A customer isn’t going to seriously consider something if they feel they can get the same deal a few months from now. In a customer’s mind, there’s always a better time to think about making a large investment, so you have to make them think about it now with an offer that’s too good to last forever.
  3. Creating a promotion for promotion’s sake. It’s a common misconception that having any promotion is better than having no promotion at all. Poorly designed promotions can actually decrease performance. Making a promotion that’s too vague, or one that uses the wrong type of language won’t entice users to click on your offer. It can turn consumers off from your business and make them think, “Hmm, I’m sure I can get a better deal somewhere else.” Think your promotion through instead of just slapping something up.

Where Should You Start?

Even promotions designed with the best of intentions can fall short of expectations. Learn how to construct the right promotion for your business by downloading our guide below. You’ll see examples of good (and not-so-good) promotions to get you started on the right track!