In a perfect world, you’d have all the time to run your business, manage people, and develop the perfect marketing plan to drive your business forward. But in reality, one of these items usually falls to the wayside—and it’s typically your marketing.

Let’s break down why this happens.

1. Skillset: It’s Not a One Man Job

Implementing the perfect marketing plan (yes, it exists, download our guide if you want the full details) requires knowledge on a wide variety of topics and a diverse skillset. Even at a bare minimum, you must have someone who could:

  • Analyze Data: Are you targeting the right people? How are your marketing efforts performing?
  • Creatively Write and Design: What should the ad say? What should it look like?
  • Code: How do you build your website with a quote form right on it?

That doesn’t even cover knowing about SEO, phone call tracking, social media, and email marketing. Finding a person with expertise in all of these skills is next to impossible.

What’s involved in the perfect digital marketing plan? Download our guide below to see how to drive more leads to your business.

2. Time Intensive

Not only does making and implementing marketing plans take time—understanding the constant changes happening in the digital marketing world is a task in itself. Google and Facebook make changes every week that throw marketers for a loop. So if you want your marketing done right, you need to be on top of these changes.

3. Piecing the Parts Together—It’s Expensive

Even if you do find a person who can handle both the skillset and time constraints, you’re looking at a large financial investment. At a minimum, you should be budgeting $40,000-$60,000 per person per year just for salary. Then when you add on multiple technology and training investments, your marketing budget is increasing drastically, especially if you’re trying to piece together different marketing software tools yourself.

Next Steps with Spectrum

We get it: why would you listen to a marketing company telling you to outsource your marketing? Just hear us out. Spectrum has a full team of digital marketing experts who use their skills and software to drive leads to your business. Not only do we understand marketing—we understand your industry. Spectrum specializes in digital marketing for remodelers, contractors, and movers.

Interested in hearing more? Fill out our demo form above to request a free digital marketing analysis, or download our guide on the perfect digital marketing plan to learn more about how you can better drive leads to your business.