There’s no feeling like a job well done – knowing that you’ve moved your customer and their family across the country, and they are now safely in their new home. When you do great work, you want to make sure that you are highlighting it to potential customers, too! One key way to do that is to ask for customer reviews from your happy customers.

The tricky thing is this: even your most thrilled customers won’t leave you a review. The reason is simple. Most people just don’t think to.

Get out in front of your customers, and ask them for reviews! Offer them a nice incentive for their time, and your success rate will skyrocket. Here are the incentives we see working best for our moving partners:

1) Chocolates.

You want an incentive that is appealing to everyone – and who doesn’t like a fancy box of chocolates? It will make a nice, personalized impression and will certainly increase your odds of winning referral business.

2) Dinner.

Again, speaking of incentives that everyone loves – a dinner is a great option! Gift cards to a specific restaurant are one way to do it, or you can buy in on gift cards to multiple restaurants and let your customer choose. We’ve had great success with this.

3) Raffles.

Not everyone likes to leave reviews. But when you offer a raffle to review writers, many more folks will review you! We find that raffling off a gift card or a small electronic gizmo can be just the incentive happy customers need to come out of the woodwork.

Ready to start highlighting your reviews? Here at Spectrum, we give you the technology to compete head-to-head with the Yelps of the world, with star ratings in Google Search right next to your own website!

If you are ready to take your reputation to the next level, give us a call at (800) 748-1344 and we’ll demonstrate our industry-leading technology.