Marketing is an expensive investment. With the amount of money on the table, you need to know which of your marketing channels are driving new customers to buy from you. When you are running a radio ad, a television ad, and a few print advertisements in different magazines, you need to know where each of your customers is hearing about you.

Most people do the natural thing. They ask “Where Did You Hear About Us?” That makes perfect sense. Who would know better than the customer why the customer is calling you?

Your Customer Isn’t Reliable

The trick is that customers lie when they are asked. Not on purpose, but they still don’t give you a straight answer! The reason is simple. The customer does not care where they heard about you. They will answer with whatever comes to mind, or they will just pick the first marketing channel you suggest. It’s not a malicious lie, but it will damage your ROI nonetheless. Really, they are wildly inaccurate.

We have a better way – download our lead tracking guide below for a ready-made system to track your marketing ROI!

The Data Confirms It

Medical doctors ask their patients questions to provide medical care, and their patients have every incentive to answer accurately. Their life may depend on it! Even knowing that accuracy is very important, patients get the answer wrong. When compared against their medical records, only 30% of patients can accurately remember when they last visited the doctor.

So, when you ask a customer whether they heard your radio ad last week, you have above a 70% chance of getting the wrong answer! That is no way to run your business.

The Good News is We Have a Solution

Just because your customers don’t know the answer doesn’t mean that you can’t know the answer! Using a clever system, you can get a measurement down-to-the-penny of your ROI from each of your marketing sources. We lay out the whole system in our Lead Tracking Guide below! We implement this system for all of our clients, so get the inside track and start measuring your marketing today.