At Spectrum, we aim to provide cutting edge software and lead generation to our customers. To accomplish that goal, we have a full staff of statisticians and product experts in place to help you grow your business. We are inviting select clients to a free early access program to leverage their data to strategically target the leads most likely to turn into sales.

The Spectrum Advanced Optimization program gives you the insight you need into your customer base. 

We will be able to pull actionable insights for you, allowing your marketing channels to:

  • Target the best geographies.
  • Target the right demographics – age, gender, income, home value.
  • Target the high-value opportunities, to create higher average sales.
  • Accurately track disposition by marketing source - to give you an accurate picture of your ROI.

Additionally, we are adding Warranty Registration features to our websites, capturing info for your customers, allowing you stay in touch and win more referrals.

To enroll in this early access program at no additional cost, all you have to do is opt-in. Shoot Chuck Turack a quick email and we will have your account manager reach out with the implementation details. Like all of our services, we aim for this to be a turn-key solution, so this will take very little time on your part. All your team needs to provide is a read-only access account to your CRM, and our statisticians begin pulling out insights into your best customers.