Most contractors go to their home shows and events over the weekend, and then reach out to their customers on Monday to set or confirm appointments. Not only does this add to your workload on Monday morning, as you’re transcribing and calling show leads, it is also losing you sales.

Think about it: you probably aren’t the only service provider that customer talked to at the home show. They are being bombarded with calls. After they receive one or two, they just stop answering. So, you need to ensure that you win the sale by being the first in touch!

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Here are 3 easy ways to ensure you are the first company to reach out.

1) Digitize your leads.

It’s time to ditch the lead sheet as your main way of capturing lead information at shows and events. Use a tablet to set appointments and collect contact information on the spot.

Here at Spectrum, our In-Person Lead Capture software streamlines this whole process. Simply hand the tablet to your customer, and our marketing automation takes it from there. The customer is automatically emailed, entered into your CRM, and you can even set a hard appointment on the spot.

2) Email.

How do you beat every other contractor to the punch? Well, what if you could get in touch instantly with your home show leads? You can! When you collect your leads on a tablet, send an automatic email to each lead.

When your customer heads home, or even checks the smartphone in their pocket, they will see a kindly customized email from your event team. You are guaranteed to be the first contractor they hear from, so they will be apt to expect your call on Monday!

Bonus points if you set up a few emails, one to go off immediately, and then a few more sent over a few days that subtly reinforce why your brand is great.

3) Facebook.

Some customers won’t set an appointment with you today, so you will want an option to stay in touch with them long-term. That way, you are the contractor at the top of their mind when they are ready to buy. Facebook is a great, low-impact way to stay in touch.

To get a passer-by at the home show to like your Facebook page, simply run a contest on it! You can place a contest form on your Facebook page, and your customers can enter it either on your tablet or on their own smartphone. Every contest entry is then a follower of your Facebook page.

Wow your followers with sharp photos, reviews from happy customers, and posts about the great community service your staff does! You can then turn your event attendees into a steady list of leads through your social media posting.

There you have it. Three easy ways to boost your event marketing performance, by being the first contractor in touch after the show. Looking for more tips to boost your home show performance? Download our full event marketing guide below! It is chocked full of useful tips to generate more business from home shows.