We listen to a lot of phone calls coming into our remodeling partners, and you might be surprised to see how often we see this conversation happen.

Customer: “Do you sell Andersen?” (or any brand you don’t sell)

Remodeler: “No, we sell our own brand of vinyl windows. Are you interested in those?”

Customer: “Oh, no, I thought you sold that other brand. Goodbye!”

When potential customers call in and ask if you sell a specific brand, your phone staff are likely flubbing the response because they understandably provide a direct answer to a direct question.

Only, it’s the wrong answer because it invites the lead to hang up without booking an appointment.

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Why Do Customers Want Another Brand?

There could be many reasons. Your prospective customer may think:

  • The brand name is more reliable.
  • The brand name has a good reputation.
  • The brand name will match other products already in their home.

Of course, you also sell a product that is reliable, reputable, and customizable to match their home. So, despite their initial expectation, you can definitely help this customer because, more than a brand, they want a solution to their problem. Present your products and services as solutions to their problem, and it won’t matter that you don’t carry the requested brand!

Here’s how your phone staff should answer this question:

Customer: “Do you sell Andersen?”

Remodeler: “Sure, we sell windows that are 100% equivalent to Andersen, only with a longer warranty. Would you like to meet with our design consultants?”

Customer: “Well OK, tell me more!”

By listening to your inbound lead calls, you can see which questions commonly stump your phone team. Once those stumbling blocks are identified, you can coach your phone team with lead-converting phone scripts!

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