In the remodeling industry, we know that there is an ‘on season’ and an ‘off season.’ Customers just don’t relish the thought of replacing their windows while there’s snow on the ground. The holidays are hard to schedule around. You are going to have fewer leads and they’ll be harder to sell in the off season – but how much of an effect should this have on your business?

We were chatting with one large remodeler who described November and December like hitting a brick wall – an 85% reduction in leads that ground their production cycle to a halt. Let’s be clear, that is definitely preventable!

What’s average?

For remodelers, lead flow follows a predictable pattern with the seasons. Here, have a look at the average lead generation for our remodeling clients. Note how the worst quarter is not that much worse than the best quarter. We see an average 35% reduction in leads between December and June.

Why is this?

These figures follow the Google search data for the seasons – fewer people are out there looking for remodelers during the winter months, but the people who are searching can definitely be caught and converted into profitable sales.

Part of your solution here is a world-class website. Digital lead generation is a steady, reliable way to grow your business. If you are appearing on the first page on Google, there can be three feet of snow on the ground and you will still be getting leads. That is the primary reason our remodeling partners are not crippled by seasonal shifts.

A second tool in a remodeler’s toolkit would be paid search. Think of your solidly built website as an engine, and paid search as a turbo charger. You can use the turbo charger when you need it, or just accelerate steadily, whatever your business needs at the given moment.

Many of our remodeling partners participate in paid search, which helps take the sting out of the off season. We are the largest Google Premier Partner for the remodeling industry, which gives you an idea of the scale and success of the paid search campaigns we run.

Looking for more ways to use data to improve your business? Check out our By-The-Numbers Guide! It has all the benchmarks and processes you need to systematically build your businesses' bottom line.