Moving is a numbers game. As your business grows, you will be handling a dizzying amount of marketing and sales sources. Keeping track of them can be a challenge, but it is also critical to profitably building your business. Each lead source will perform differently, both in how much it costs to generate a lead, as well as in how many leads turn into closed business.

Ready to see how your performance measures up to the most competitive van line agents? Download the benchmarking metrics to the right.

Think about it, a referral who knows you is a hotter lead than someone who heard your radio ad but doesn’t know you. That should factor into how much you are willing to pay for each lead!

So, you need to be tracking your performance for each marketing channel.

Here’s what to look for:

  • What percentage of leads from this source are qualified (in my area and interested in my services)?
  • What percentage of qualified leads set appointments?
  • What percentage of appointments sit for a demonstration?
  • What percentage of demonstrations close?

If you don’t know which lead sources are generating what sales, you need a plan to find out. Download our lead-tracking guide here for an easy solution to that problem!

Once you know your conversion rates across your sales funnel, you have everything you need to improve your sales process for each of your marketing sources. At each sales stage, you want to be hitting key performance benchmarks. If you aren’t hitting those industry-standard metrics, then you need to take specific steps to troubleshoot the problem.

We put together both the conversion rates you should be targeting and the troubleshooting steps you will need to make corrections into a quick downloadable guide! Get that below to get a head start in the new year, mastering your sales funnel and taking the guess-work out of your moving business.