Think about your sales goals, and then think about how you feel before they’re met each month (or week, quarter, whatever time frame is applicable for your business).

Are you relaxed and unconcerned, even if your profits depend on how well you convert your leads and sell your product or service? Probably not! Like most successful business owners, you feel a productive and healthy sense of urgency.

That urgency is what motivates you to seek out new, creative ways to reach your customers and market your products. In other words, it’s what allows your business to adapt and stay afloat in a tough industry.

As a business owner, you’re well acquainted with urgency. But what if your customers felt that same urgency and need to act – only about your products?

Imagine how your sales would grow.

As a modern business owner, you have a lot to consider when optimizing your website for conversions. How can you achieve the sales you need without re-designing your entire site and breaking your budget?

The answer lies in one simple, elegant solution: a quality call to action.

How calls to action can help you achieve your best conversions yet

Call to action:
noun(Marketing) A phrase used to provoke and influence readers to take action upon your offering.Conveys a sense of urgency and guidance
Example: “Get Pricing Now”

No matter what you’re selling, advertising or trying to convey, a strong call to action is essential to push your visitor in the right direction – to guide him or her to take an action that is beneficial to your business.A good call to action will have your reader thinking “This is what I need to do, and I need to do it right now!”

A call to action can take many forms, but in each case, it prompts a potential customer to engage with your business (ideally in a way you can track).

This can be a request in the copy to call now for more information, a button urging a user to “Get a free quote now” or anything else that builds that all-important sense of urgency.

So how do you create an enticing call to action?Here I will lay out for you the 10 elements of a great call to action that will help you increase your conversions, improve your bottom line, and grow your business.

1) Make it prominent

Users will not go searching for what to do next – if they get confused, they will simply leave your page.Make your call to action easy to see with large, simple and bold design.

2) Minimize clutter

Along with a strong design, it is important that you place your call to action in an area that is open and free of distractions.

3) Time Sensitivity

As with most things in life, timing is key.Visitors rarely spend more than a few seconds on your site, so make your offer as soon as possible.

4) Be Clear and Concise

Make it abundantly clear to your visitor what it is that they should be doing.If you want them to start a free trial with you, then tell them that! Don’t use vague language like “Get Started” or “Sign Up.”

5) Actionable Statement 

Use active language that reflects what your visitor will actually be doing when they take this next step to create a more persuasive, trustworthy offer.

6) Guidance

The purpose behind a call to action is to motivate your visitor to convert.Your call to action not only needs to specify what to do next, but also a good reason for taking the action.

7) Convey the Value

Make your visitors an offer they simply cannot refuse.Show that signing up with you will help them – generosity goes a long way in converting quality leads.

8) Make it personal

Write from the mindset of a potential customer– instead of what you are thinking.Simply replacing “your” with “my” can have a huge impact.

9) Be specific

Generic commentary isn’t going to win you conversions.Tell your reader exactly what’s going to happen if they click on that button. Perhaps they will receive a one month free trial or 20% off a particular service. Tell them so!

10) Know your market

The best way to create an effective call to action is to get to know the likes and dislikes of your visitors.Through testing it is simple to determine which colors, placements and words are most effective with your audience.

Get started today with developing the strong calls to action your business needs. With all that you have to gain, how can you afford not to?

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