Have you ever had a past customer post a scathing online review about your business?

It hurts, right? Especially if you lost business because of it.

Negative reviews were a big issue in 2013, so much so that companies have begun filing lawsuits over the lost revenues associated with them.

The problem lies in the fact that consumers can post bad reviews at a moment’s notice. Websites like Yelp have become virtual killing grounds where consumers can go to vent their frustration and express their dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, the consequences of these out lashes can be devastating.

The question is: how can companies avoid falling victim to these less-than-stellar reviews? And more importantly, what actions do companies have to take if they want to reel in more positive reviews? Providing “great service” isn’t the answer. It’s the first step, but there’s ultimately more action businesses need to take:

Say Hello to Fetch Reviews

Fetch Reviews is a unique software tool that allows businesses to conveniently receive, examine and publish reviews from satisfied customers. Businesses can also use Fetch Reviews as a vehicle to request feedback from satisfied customers, which ensures that credit is given each time it is earned.

On the Internet, where our attention is at a premium, it’s extremely valuable to provide customers with an avenue to express their positive opinion about your company – something people will rarely find the time to do, especially (ironically enough) if they’re satisfied. However, when a business takes the extra step and actually requests feedback, customers become far more likely to offer their input. With Fetch Reviews, you can automate thank you emails to your customers, which also include tasteful requests for positive feedback.

Why do you want more good reviews?

Besides the obvious branding advantages that positive review offer, they also help people find you on the Internet:

It’s as simple as that. Not to mention all the additional indexed pages and website visits you’ll record – all of which will lead to more leads and higher conversion rates when properly executed. 

Here's an article about how to handle negative reviews. And if you're interested in learning more about Fetch Reviews, just email me or click here for a free demo from Spectrum!