So you’ve started working out the details of your business’s new website and social media campaign. There’s a lot to think about! Let’s briefly go over your lead generation strategy to make sure everything’s in order.

Your site is built with responsive design? Check!

It has eye-catching colors and a layout that’s easy to follow? Check!

You regularly update your social media accounts with promotions and fun information about your business? Check!

You utilize the most effective (and ethical)SEOstrategies? You’d better believe that’s a check!

But amidst all the design decisions and keyword ranking reports, there’s one more aspect of an Internet marketing plan that’s essential for success: quality content.

Like all things in life, writing content gets easier with practice. But even if you’re new to writing copy for an online audience, there are several simple strategies you can follow to make those quote requests flow in. For example:

Keep it Short and sweet

When you go to browse products online, are you interested in reading paragraph after paragraph of semi-relevant information? Of course not – you have better things to do. So get your point across in 300 words or less on your service pages.

Treat your audience well, and limit keyword usage

Wouldn’t you get annoyed if you saw the phrase “New York City moving company” in every other sentence?

Keyword stuffing is not only a black hat SEO strategy that will get you in trouble, it’s also a turn-off to potential customers. Ideally, your keywords should fit into the copy so well that the untrained eye won’t be able to pick them out.

Formatting is king

With website copy, how something looks is just as important as what it says.

You may have blog articles full of amazing advice, but if your formatting is confusing or intimidating, nobody will get past the first few sentences – guaranteed. It’s essential to break up your paragraphs whenever possible. A wall of text is an instant generator of back button clicks. Try:

  • Using bullet points frequently.
  • Bullets break up the text and accentuate your key points.
  • They also make the copy seem shorter, so time-pressed visitors will give it a look.

Get it done.

Website copy should be informative and engaging, but it’s not the culmination of your life’s artistic purpose. You’re running a business, and you may have a lot of content to generate. Get it written, follow the above advice, edit it once, and get on with your day.

Finish with a call-to-action

You never know a prospect’s mindset once he or she finishes reading the bulk of your copy, so point your future lead in the right direction. Assume the sale, and provide contact information (like a phone number or suggestion to fill out your quote form.) A strong closing can convert visitors who are still on the fence, so make sure you include one.

If you’re writing quality copy, then you’re probably already seeing leads flow in. Share your experiences below in the comments section!

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