Explore the significance of setting ambitious goals, focusing on building a strong reputation for your business in 2024. Consumers today heavily rely on online platforms for home improvement services, amplifying the significance of online reviews in generating new leads. Spectrum offers innovative tools, designed not just for generating reviews, but also for transforming them into revenue for your business.

Manage Your Online Reputation with Spectrum's Tools:

Receiving reviews and managing existing reviews is one of the best ways to generate new leads, but it’s not easy. With Spectrum, you will have access to reputation management software tools to change that:

  • Syndicated Rewards Program: Request reviews for your site and third-party review profiles through this innovative program.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveying and Reporting: Send out surveys that live on your site, adding credibility and providing insights to enhance future services.
  • Improve Your Search Engine Ranking: Stand out with your aggregate star rating prominently displayed in Google and other search engine results pages.

Unlock the Power of PSAI's Reputation Management Engine:

PSAI's Reputation Management engine streamlines the review gathering process. Integrated into the PSAI Communication Portal, it empowers your team to effortlessly guide customers to preferred review sites with a simple click. Beyond that, PSAI provides various methods to request reviews, tailored to your customers' preferences:

  • Chat: Engage with customers through our A.I. Chatbot or assign the responsibility to a team member, facilitating review requests effortlessly within the chat tool.
  • Email: Follow up on projects with customers and request reviews via email. PSAI conveniently stores all email communications in the portal, ensuring easy access to connect with customers throughout and after a project.
  • Text: Leverage the popularity of texting by sending review requests via SMS. With PSAI, customers can leave reviews right from their phones, as 98% of all text messages are read within the first 2 minutes.

Transform Reviews into Revenue with PSAI Referral Marketing:

PSAI goes beyond review requests by offering Referral Marketing. This suite enables you to craft localized campaigns showcasing customer testimonials in your target neighborhood, functioning as a digital word of mouth. Leverage these reviews and testimonials in impactful ways:

  • Past Projects: Showcase your team's craftsmanship with before-and-after photos from past projects.
  • Customer Reviews: Build trust in specific areas by leveraging customer testimonials. When homeowners see satisfied neighbors, they know who to call.
  • Local Promotions: Increase engagement and convert more leads by offering neighborhood-specific promotions.

Spectrum's Approach to Reputation Management:

Don't hesitate! Reach out to your Spectrum Account Management team today to explore strategies for generating leads and boosting revenue through reviews. Harness the strength of these impactful tools and envision 2024 as the year your business reaches new heights, propelled by an excellent reputation.