An effective marketing strategy requires multiple customer touchpoints through a variety of channels. As technology advances, customers consume media through a number of platforms and your company should meet them where they are! However, for a diverse marketing portfolio to be successful, it’s critical that your leads flow to a centralized place. Let’s discuss how our integrated lead flow is key to your successful marketing strategy.

This is Why We Integrate Your Lead Flow

Driving your leads to one place makes sense for both your business and your customers. Your team shouldn’t have to worry about managing multiple platforms and your customers shouldn’t have to wait to be contacted by your team! Integrating your lead flow provides so many insights into your business, such as:

  • Complete Transparency: See what’s driving activity by tracking your lead flow in one platform. With lead integration, you can identify the marketing channels that work for your audience, know which sources are driving results, and use that information to enjoy a higher ROI.
  • Ensure Lead Engagement: Don’t let leads slip through the cracks! Integrating your marketing ensures that all leads are contacted, saving your team a headache and eliminates the risk of lost revenue.
  • Enhance the Life of a Lead: Integrated marketing gives your team the ability to nurture your sales funnel in a deeper way, allowing you to expand the life of a lead. Maybe it’s through a customer testimonial or a rehash campaign, integrating your lead flow means you can touch leads at multiple stages of the customer journey and develop a stronger relationship.

Integrated Marketing by Spectrum

Spectrum takes the work off your hands with software and services built to enhance your lead flow. With Spectrum as your partner in growth, we can provide your team with the tools and insights you need to drive quality traffic to your business. With Spectrum, you’ll enjoy:

  • CRM Integration: Spectrum integrates with the major home services CRMs, so you can enjoy complete tracking with your leadflow. Every lead that makes contact with your business, online or offline, will flow seamlessly into your CRM, so your team can start the customer journey right away.
  • CRM Sourcing: Spectrum takes CRM integration a step further with advanced dispositioning for your marketing sources. With this granularity, you can see how each source performs, allowing you to make informed decisions for your marketing.
  • Spectrum Contact Manager: Our contact manager is built directly into your software platform so you can instantly see your lead activity. Filter contacts by marketing source, send review requests, set appointments, and more. Your Contact Manager simplifies lead engagement by aggregating your leads directly into your platform with the information you need to start the sales process.
  • Custom Marketing Solutions: Your Spectrum Account Management team develops custom marketing solutions to drive results for your business. Our team are experts in the digital space and use their knowledge to make recommendations, like reallocating your budget towards the channels producing the highest ROI for your business.
  • Increased Efficiency: Our custom solutions will increase the effectiveness of both your marketing strategy and your budget. We take a holistic approach to your business and pair our software with industry expertise to identify high-value marketing sources and go after the opportunities that make sense for your business.

Enjoy Higher Engagement with Spectrum

If you’d like to learn more about how Spectrum can integrate your leadflow to optimize your marketing results, speak with your account manager or request a demo today.