Growing your Facebook audience is a critical component of a successful lead generation strategy. Facebook offers so many ways to share your business and its core values. You can use Facebook to post industry resources, share important updates, and market to new customers.

Almost every business has a Facebook page, however the logistics behind pages are often overlooked. It’s important that you know who owns your Facebook Business Page so you can have full control over your marketing.

How to Check If Your Facebook Page has a Business Owner

You may be wondering, “How could I not own my business's Facebook page?”. Your page may have been created by a marketing manager, a team member, or an outside website agency, and those individuals could instead be listed as the page owner. Here’s how to verify page ownership:

  1. Log into your personal Facebook profile
  2. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Under “Settings”, click “Page Roles”
  5. Under “Page Roles”, view “Page Owner”

If you are not listed as the page owner, contact the individual and ask them to transfer ownership. All they will need to do is assign ownership over to your requested page owner.

Take Your Facebook to the Next Level

Having ownership of your Facebook page allows you total control of your brand’s marketing direction. As the page owner, you’ll have much more functionality available to you, specifically in regards to advertising on Facebook. At PSAI, we have a full Ads Manager that allows you to create and launch custom Facebook ads directly from your portal.

The Ads Manager provides your team with a lead generation avenue based on your specific services and offers. With A.I. powering your ads, you can grow your audience base and drive more traffic to your digital properties. The Ads Manager provides in-depth functionality, giving you the ability to:

  • Create ads by offer, past jobs, and more
  • Reach new homeowners with A.I. Custom Audiences
  • Drive leads into your engine to access A.I. insights and engagement tools

Take Control of Your Facebook Strategy

Facebook is a major player in the home improvement space. If you’re interested in growing your audience and generating new leads, connect with our team to see how Facebook advertising can work with your business plan.