It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of skilled labor in the home services industry. Finding consistent team members can be tough, especially when the busy season rolls around and your company is preparing to complete a large number of jobs. How can you combat the labor shortage? Google’s tool is here to help.

Google’s Tool for Veterans

Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of veterans transitioning to civilian life, and many possess the skills needed to work in home services. Recognizing the need for better job alignment for veterans, Google developed a tool to bridge the gap between veteran talent and available positions.

How does it work?

Most people start the job hunt with a Google search. Now, when a veteran searches “Jobs for veterans”, a form will appear in the search results asking for either a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code, an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC), or a Navy Enlisted Classifications (NEC) code. Google then lists all relevant job openings, so a veteran can scroll through and apply to jobs that interest them.

Why it works:

It’s simple. What can make the job search so hard for veterans is the process! Google made it simple by creating a common language between veterans and civilian employers. It can be hard to sum up a military career in a few keywords. By allowing veterans to enter in their specialty code, Google does the translation work for everyone, so veterans can focus on finding the right job for them and you can focus on interviewing the right veterans for your business.

It’s centralized. Google’s tool displays all the available jobs in one centralized place, making it easy for veterans to apply for numerous jobs in one sitting. Instead of hoping a veteran sees your careers page or a posting on a job board, this tool puts your listing in the spotlight.

It’s skill-based. The specialty code feature allows for Google to list jobs that correlate to a veteran’s skills and the skills a job requires. No more sifting through resumes that don’t apply to your listing. Google’s tool not only saves time for both parties but allows veterans to apply for jobs they might not have seen otherwise.

Start Connecting with Top Talent

If your team needs help with this year’s influx of new projects, download our guide on job posting platforms. For each popular platform, we break down the features, pricing, and whether it’s worth it for your business. 

If you’re interested in optimizing your job postings for veterans, get in touch with us. As a Google Premier Partner, Spectrum will work with your team to get you started.