As it becomes increasingly difficult to generate quality leads through Google AdWords, service providers have found opportunity in Local Services by Google, an exclusive platform that allows advertisers to receive and engage with potential customers in a custom dashboard. At the end of 2018, due to its resounding success, Google announced a major expansion to their service verticals and service areas.

If you missed the announcement, we shared the details of this expansion in our video above. However, if you’re unsure of what Local Services by Google can bring your business, we broke down the benefits of the program:

Let’s Talk Local Services Benefits:

Google Guarantee: Unlike other advertising platforms, Local Services by Google comes with a reputation boost. What does that mean? All businesses who advertise with Local Services must meet Google’s qualifications and earn the Google Guarantee badge—Google’s pledge to refund up to $2,000 for unsatisfactory work. Since this pledge is unique to Local Services and requires a thorough application process, a Google Guaranteed business carries weight for consumers.

Efficient Pricing: If you’re wondering about any key differences between Google Adwords and Local Services by Google, here’s a big one: the pricing. Google Adwords uses a Pay Per Click model, meaning you’re charged for every click by a user, regardless of whether or not that click results in a lead. Local Services introduced a Cost Per Lead program, meaning you only pay when a user actually contacts your business. You can set the number of leads you want to receive in a given time period, giving your business flexibility when creating a budget.

Prime Ad Placement: Businesses have to meet Google’s high standards in order to become a “Google Guaranteed” business, and it comes with some serious perks. Your business will be in the top ad spot in a search result, so potential customers will see your ad first. The exclusivity of the program helps you reach customers in your area immediately.

Get Started with Local Services Today

If your business isn’t advertising with Local Services by Google and your AdWords leads are costing you money, Spectrum can help. As a Google Premier Partner, we have the tools you need to fit Local Services into your digital marketing strategy. Request a free consumer data analysis and we’ll analyze your performance and help you identify new areas for growth. We’ll get you on track with a quick 30-minute phone call.