We spent the day with our partners at Cochran Exteriors to discuss 2019 plans and what the marketplace holds for home services. Ross Cochran has built a company that goes against the grain by embracing digital, so he can connect with his customers and market his business in cutting-edge ways.

Watch our video to hear our interview with Ross, as we discuss what it means to be a roofer today, how digital marketing elevates their business, and how Spectrum's artificial intelligence tool allows them to understand and market to their ideal customer.

Here's a snippet of our interview but watch above to see the whole thing!

Why do you feel that digital asset production is important for your business?

Jim Wingfield: The marketplace is more competitive than it has ever been, it’s more expensive than it’s ever been to acquire a customer, and you need to be able to sift through the white noise. And let’s be honest, a lot of digital is white noise. I’m sure you’ve figured that out over quite some time within the industry, but a large crux of the conversation today revolves around asset production: job content photos, video production, and being able to bring that to the digital platform. Why do you feel that that’s important? I know why that’s important to me as the advertiser, but why is that important to you and why do you think that’s something that Cochran Exteriors is willing to invest in?

Ross Cochran: It’s really important because it give the full circle, it lets the customer come into our business and have the full idea of what we can do: what kind of projects we can do and what it’s going to look like afterwards, so that digital before-and-after video content is difficult to get. That is a job in itself. It’s important to show the customer: This is what we can do for you. It’s very powerful.

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