Home services companies across the country are tapping into artificial intelligence to improve their sales strategies. Spectrum’s Predictive Sales AI uses artificial intelligence to identify the incoming leads who are most likely to buy, so you can spend less time and money pursuing cold leads. As a business owner, PSAI will give you the insights you need to net more revenue but also, to build a better sales team.

Here’s What Predictive Sales AI Can Offer Your Business:

Performance Metrics

What this means for you: Straightforward performance data. With AI, you can measure the performance of a sales rep based on the leads they’re receiving. No more fighting and complaining about “bad leads”. Now, you’ll have hard data to show your rep. If they’re not closing a lead that’s a 5? You can work with your rep to adjust and improve his sales strategy. You’ll also be able to compare performance among sales reps. Is John hitting all of the goals? Great. Set him as the benchmark for your other reps.

A Robust Sales Staff.

What this means for you: Hiring the right reps to round out your team. PSAI provides customer portraits, so you can see the personality types of your leads. When it comes to hiring, you can see which type of sales person you need and then hire with that goal in mind. Do you have a need for a rep that can push financing offers? Or a rep that will sell the new product line you want to carry? You can hire sales reps with that targeted focus, and then align specific sales personalities with the right client personalities to close more deals.

Increased Profitability, Increased Happiness.

What this means for you: A better sales team. The psyche of your sales team matters. If you’re giving them leads that close, they’ll come to work eager to sell. That means a positive work environment for your team, higher sales, and higher profits for your business.

PSAI Sales Rep Performance

PSAI provides an in-depth look at your sales team’s performance. With PSAI’s comparative reporting, you can analyze your sales rep’s performance history. Let's say you have two sales reps, Rep A and Rep B, and you can see their gross vs. net sales. You see for both Rep A and Rep B that the closing rates for suitable leads, leads that scored a 4 or 5 on PSAI’s match index, is over 70%. The closing rate for leads scored between 1 and 3 is less than 20%. You now have hard data showing you that your reps should pursue 4s and 5s because they not only have a high closing rate, but a higher overall sale because they are more financially secure than lower scoring leads.

As a business owner, you can use these performance insights to analyze which reps are closing the most appointments, what kind of leads they’re closing, and how they compare to each other. You can use this information to adjust not only your sales strategy, but your hiring strategy.

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