If you ask the average home service professional if they are advertising on YouTube, most would say “no.” And we think it’s time to change that! YouTube advertising offers huge opportunities for contractors, service technicians, and remodelers. Let’s break down how YouTube ads will help you drive more revenue to your business.

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People Need More than One Touch to Convert

Chances are you’re already doing PPC or display retargeting. But if you want to truly give these people the ultimate touch treatment, YouTube is an awesome place to effectively retarget people that have already visited your site. 74% of adults use YouTube (source), meaning a large portion of your target audience can be reached through this channel.

The idea is to create a full online environment where your lead is consistently reminded that your home service business is there and ready to help. If you touch them across different platforms with different media forms, then you’ll have a better chance of converting that person into a qualified lead, and ultimately a paying customer.

Get Higher Quality Leads

Many home service companies are concerned with the quality of their leads—so how can you ensure the people on your site are there to convert as opposed to just browsing around? YouTube can help.

Think of it this way—if a person is retargeted with a compelling YouTube video ad from your business, they have a reason to want to work with your company specifically. So when they do reach out to your business, they’re not just someone who randomly filled out a quote form. They are someone who has made a conscious decision to work with your company.

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

As you jump into any new forms of advertising, the two questions you should ask yourself are:

  1. How much will this cost me?
  2. How effective will this advertising be in driving new business?

The great news about YouTube is it can be extremely cost effective, especially with retargeting. Let’s say you’ve already spent money through search to target a consumer and to get them to click through to your site. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to convert on your site, and they’ll leave without filling out a form or calling your business.

What do you do from here? You can definitely retarget them through display (and you should!). But you can also use YouTube to cheaply show them your business again. We did this for one of our remodeling clients through a pre-roll video ad. Their cost per view was less than $0.20, meaning they were able to retouch potential leads for less than a dollar!

It’s time for home service businesses to take advantage of the potential YouTube advertising offers. Jump into the game and drive more revenue by downloading our Quick-Start Guide to Advertising on YouTube!