During certain points of the year, “too many leads” sounds like a dream come true. But when you’re actually faced with the situation, we all know it isn’t pleasant. You’ve spent all of this money on marketing, and now your hard-earned leads are overwhelming your business, leaving potential revenue sliding right past you.

Ideally, if there are too many leads to get to at once, your sales team would just focus on the leads that are ready to buy and that will drive the most revenue to your business. But for most home service companies, that’s easier said than done. How do you figure out which leads are actually best to pursue? What processes can you set up for your sales team so that they can prioritize the right leads?

It comes down to having the right information to prioritize your leads. And that’s where artificial intelligence comes in! Did you know it’s possible for a machine to attach financial, demographic, and property info to a specific lead? With technology advancements, home service companies now have the opportunity to know about their leads before they even step foot in the home.

Here are three key pieces of info A.I. software can generate for each lead so that your company can make sure every demo is worth your time!

Spectrum’s Lead Intelligence software pulls in lead information instantly and automatically so that your sales team has the details they need! Request a demo to learn more.

1. Check the Lead’s Financial Viability

Nothing is more frustrating than having a ready buyer whose sale falls through due to an inability to obtain financing. You can avoid wasting your time on a demo by using A.I. software that shows key indicators of financial instability. For example, Spectrum’s Lead Scoring tool offers a clear-cut financing recommendation to help you assess a lead’s ability to procure financing. This can help you decide whether the drive is worth it!

2. Know Your Lead’s Demographics

You’ve given plenty of demos, and you have a feel of what a high-quality lead's demographics look like. Use that prior knowledge to help you prioritize leads!

With A.I. software, demographic info is automatically attached to lead information so that you can find out key property-owner info. If you’re overwhelmed with leads, your sales team can quickly find out how many people are in the home and what the marital status of that lead is in order to avoid one-leggers. This way you can head into a demo where all the primary decision makers are ready to hear what you have to offer.

3. Investigate the Lead’s Current Household Features

When you know the features within a lead’s household, you can better assess whether their current setup will suit your selection of products and services. What type of roof do they have? Does the property have central A/C? Is there a lead risk? A.I. software can pull that information in so that you can prioritize leads that have household features that best fit your company’s offerings.

Knowing the different household features also gives you the opportunity to upsell beyond the initial request. If there’s a chance for upselling, then your team can generate more revenue from that lead—which is totally worth your time!

Let AI Do the Work and Scoring for You

Gathering financial history, demographic info, and household feature information isn’t realistic when you already have too many leads taking up your time. That’s why letting A.I. software do the work for you makes sense for home service professionals! Spectrum’s Lead Scoring tool gathers all lead info and instantly and automatically ties it to the right contact information. It also generates a score from 1-5 so that you can quickly assess where to devote your time. Best of all, the more you use the tool, the better it gets! With machine learning, your software will consistently get smarter, delivering tailored lead profiles to your home service business.

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