Coming up with advertising that drives business can be tough, so when something works, it’s easy to just stick with it and carry on. This causes a lot of companies to direct all their attention and marketing spend towards one advertising source instead of numerous channels. But this is a mistake! You’ll bring in more leads when you advertise across multiple channels—particularly when you enforce your offline advertising with paid search.

We wanted to prove that combining advertising sources would drive greater success for our home service clients, so we looked at the numbers and discovered some major results.

What Our Client Alenco Saw When They Turned OFF Paid Search

Television advertising works for many of our clients, particularly Alenco, a home remodeling company servicing Kansas and Missouri. Alenco wanted to see what would happen if they just focused on TV ads, so for two weeks, we turned off their paid search.

The effects were immediate. Between Period 1 (a two-week period with paid search on) and Period 2 (a two-week period with paid search off), revenue dropped by 63%.

What Your Business Can Learn from Their Experience

Yes, television advertising works for Alenco. But turning paid search off caused a drastic decrease in their sales! We found that paid search was an important element in driving their business forward. Revenue was 169% higher when paid search was turned on and combined with TV ads.

Here are some other major takeaways from Alenco’s experience:

1. It Takes More Than One Touch

After looking at the numbers, we also listened to some of Alenco’s phone calls to see where leads had heard about the business. Several of the leads said they found Alenco online but mentioned also having seen their TV ad earlier.

This tells us that these elements are stronger together! When hit from two sources, people felt more compelled to call in.

2. Lead Tracking Helps You Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

If Alenco hadn’t been tracking their leads, it would have been difficult to see how their advertising choices affected their bottom line. Because everything was tracked, Alenco could make the swift decision to turn paid search back on.

If you’re looking to get started with your own lead tracking, check out our lead tracking starter guide! It walks through which lead sources to track, what to track at each source, and how you can get started. Download it below to get a better handle on your leads!